Kronnax, the Hedgehog* (FO)
VP: 1
Name: Mike Fehr
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Origin: Moura, Justich
Disciplines: War
Biography and Timeline

Mike Fehr learned the art of War in the Ophidian Academy on Tigbar, but his motive for enduring that discipline was to avenge his family’s murder ordered by an Ophidian Lord. He was forced to watch the killing of Erika, his wife and Maxwell, his son. Before that he was just a family man, but after that he devoted his life to revenge.
After the Academy he entered the Ophidian league as a Reinforcement Gladiator. He defeated Prince of Gates and gained a 2 VP status. His ascension was brutal. Eventually he promoted to 4 VP. On the season were his final promotion occurred and hours before his first 4 VP Championship Match he found the Ophidian lord that murdered his family. Mike finally got his revenge and killed the lord.
He was suspended from the League for 4 years. Today, that suspension is over and he is back in the League. His 4 VP status was reverted to 1 VP. He now has new goals, and they are to rise once again to 4 VP and to win the title that his vengeance made him lose five years ago.

2339 Mike Fehr is brutally injured and forced to watch the murder of his wife and son by orders of an Ophidian Lord.
2340 He awakes from the coma that he entered after the beating that he took.
2341 He enters the Ophidian Academy in Tigbar by request of Agent P.
2344 Kronnax gains a 2 VP ranking after defeating Prince of Gates.
2346 He accomplishes his revenge by killing the Ophidian Lord that had ordered his family’s death. He was suspended from the competition for that.
2350 Kronnax re-enters Ophidian League as a 1 VP Gladiator.

*(FO) Kronnax is a Fan Original character created by Hugo Ferreira.



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