VP: 1
Name: S’Karthkha
Type: Creature / Horrid
Gender: Male
Origin: Splinterworlds
Disciplines: Portal
Biography and Timeline

S’Karthkha is a former two-on-two team champion, years ago he team up with Pefdsartsuq Klojmrentoyu, the Gladiator known as P.K., and since then they grown up a friendship. As P.K. disappearance from the Ophidian League and with the loss of his partner S’Karthkha had to retire himself from the arenas.
He returned to the Ophidian arenas from retirement recently so he’s been looking for P.K. to know the truth about his strange disappearing from the arenas.
What no one knows is that the true purpose of S’Karthkha’s return to the Ophidian League is to fulfill his master Dark Arkzilipul’s wish to destroy P.K. as even as a Gladiator the Dark Lord still controls S’Karthkha actions.

2338 S’Karthkha bought by the Ophidians from Dark Arkzilpul and enters in the 1VP rank.
2339 S’Karthkha team places second in the Ophidian Championships and raises to 2VP.
2340 S’Karthkha is obligated to retire due the fact of P.K. went into seclusion to avoid Arkzilipul.
2350 S’Karthkha returns to face his former friend and is lowered in rank to 1VP.



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